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Mortgage Planning

 A sound financial plan that coordinates all financial instruments, optimizes cash flow allocation and tax minimization will turbocharge wealth accumulation.

What exactly is mortgage planning?

Very simply, mortgage planning is the process of evaluating your mortgage options in the context of your overall financial plan. 

We assist clients who can deduct mortgage interest and a desire to improve their financial well-being by educating them into the nuances of home loans and assist them in finding the most beneficial mortgage product and payment strategy. 

The mortgage strategy you use today carries financial consequences that can impact your life for years to come. The right mortgage strategy for one client may be completely wrong for another client. That’s why it’s important your mortgage planning should be conducted with a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist who is trained in the 5 skill sets.

Mortgage Taxation – We work with clients to determine the tax implications of various mortgage strategies and the impact that mortgage strategy will have on the rest of their financial plan.

Housing, Financial & Mortgage Markets – We work with our clients to help them understand mortgage rates, their direction and what makes them move, and the correlation between the housing, financial, and mortgage markets.

Cash Flow Planning – We work with our clients reducing debt, improving their cash flow to fund other opportunities such as retirement planning, college planning, eldercare, or any other life events.

Real Estate Investment Planning – We work with our clients who wish to diversify their investments and buy investment properties assisting them in comparing options and evaluating the different mortgage strategies on their cash flow and rate of return.

Ethics & Compliance – Working with a CMPS professional, you can rest assured you’re working with a true adviser who is working for your best interest and with the utmost professionalism.

Does your mortgage help you build wealth?  Or is it simply a liability, a payment to be made every month?

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